Angus bull sales up 24 percent in 2012 |

Angus bull sales up 24 percent in 2012

Cattle herd numbers may be low, but there is still strong demand for high-quality genetics. According to recent American Angus Association data, reported Angus bull prices are at a record high, reflecting that buyers are willing to pay more for cattle that offer increased profit potential.

“This past bull-sale season was a successful one for the Angus breed,” said Bryce Schumann, chief executive officer of the Association. “The registered Angus bull market is trending up in both volume of bulls sold and the price received at public auction.”

The latest fiscal data shows that 31,278 registered Angus bulls grossed more than $144 million during the time period of Oct. 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012. That’s an average of $4,627 per bull reported to the Association. Compared to last year’s numbers, prices jumped 24 percent or $896 per head.

“We are optimistic when seeing members have yet another profitable year and continuing to lead the industry in top-performing genetics,” Schumann said. “And because of our member’s dedication to producing quality cattle, we will see steady demand for Angus bulls and females in the future.”

At the completion of fiscal year 2011, bull sale averages were at $3,776. To date, the Association reports that average has increased by more than $850 per head. The Angus female market is on the rise, as well. The average sale price is currently $3,210; an 20 percent increase of $534 per female.

– American Angus Association

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