Angus Foundation raises $127,500 at NWSS |

Angus Foundation raises $127,500 at NWSS

Angus breeders support education, youth and research by purchasing Foundation Heifer Package and heifer pregnancies.

Since 1980, the Angus Foundation has delivered an elite Angus Foundation Heifer Package at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver to generate unrestricted funds for Angus education, youth and research efforts. The Angus Foundation also offered five cutting-edge confirmed heifer pregnancies from notable Angus breeders. Combined, the six lots raised an impressive $127,500 in support of the Angus breed’s future.

Foundation Heifer Package

Tari Hoagland and Rick Smith of Lakeview Angus in Mead, Colorado, purchased the Angus Foundation Heifer for $65,000. The package also includes: 30 days of free insurance from American Live Stock Insurance Co., Geneva, Illinois; free transportation to the buyer’s ranch provided by Lathrop Livestock Transportation, Dundee, Illinois; and an advanced reproductive technology package from Trans Ova Genetics, Sioux Center, Iowa.

Krebs Ranch of Gordon, Nebraska, donated the elite heifer, KR Queen 8213. The scarcity in her genetics made her a valuable investment for the buyers, as she is the only ET calf of that particular mating to leave the ranch.

“We are so excited to be bringing this heifer back home with us,” Hoagland said. “She’ll be a great donor and will be instrumental in developing our bulls.”

Heifer Pregnancies

The five confirmed heifer pregnancies raised a collective $62,500. Those pregnancies are:

Offered by: Blackstone Cattle Company, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Purchased by: Belle Point Ranch, Lavaca, Arkansas, for $5,000

Sire: Byergo Black Magic 3348- (17803074)

Dam: Riverbend Blackcap X1245- (16693030)

Due: 3/1/19

Offered by: Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, Tennessee

Purchased by: Belle Point Ranch, Lavaca, Arkansas, for $8,000

Sire: Deer Valley Growth Fund- (18827828)

Dam: Deer Valley Isabel X3C- (18597512)

Due: 1/26/19

Offered by: Musgrave Angus, Griggsville, Illinois

Purchased by: Ingram Angus, Pulaski, Tennessee, for $11,000

Sire: Casino Bomber N33 (#18658677)

Dam: MCATL Blackbird 831-1378 (#16896985+)

Due: 1/18/19

Offered by: Riverbend Ranch, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Purchased by: Pollard Farms, LLC, Waukomis, Oklahoma, for $25,000

Sire: Jindra Acclaim- (17972810)

Dam: Riverbend Miss Rita 6013- (18443470)

Due: 1/17/19

Offered by: Top Line Farm, Tremont, Illinois

Purchased by: Reisig Cattle, Lewistown, Montana, for $13,500

Offering choice of three matings:

Sire: Conley Express 7211- (18941522)

Dam: CF Top Line lady 814- (16106760)

Due: 3/13/19

Sire: S&R Roundtable J328- (17573679)

Dam: Top Line Lady 1176- (16977309)

Due: 1/22/19

Sire: Conley Express 7211- (18941522)

Dam: Top Line lady 9111- (16556162)

Due: 3/13/19

The Angus Foundation Heifer Package has raised more than $2.5 million since the inception of the event.

“The Angus Foundation Heifer Package continues to be the premier fundraiser to increase opportunities for Angus education, youth and research,” said Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “We can’t thank our donors and buyers enough for investing in the future of the Angus breed through their generous support of this year’s event.”

For more information about the Angus Foundation or the annual Angus Foundation Heifer Package sale, visit

–Angus Communications


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