Angus unveils EPD sorting tool for producers

The American Angus Association is giving breeders – large- and small-scale – another powerful tool to advance herd genetics. Through the Association’s AAA Login, members can now access expected progeny difference (EPD) sorts, free of charge.

The new function allows users to sort any EPD or $Value for current sires, dams, or non-parent bulls and cows. Producers can focus searches on whatever criteria they are interested in viewing.

“The tool narrows down results for producers to match genetics to their particular herd goals,” said Don Laughlin, Association director of member services.

When sorting cattle in the database, a user can view the top 100 animals that meet the specified criteria. The more strict the search, the lower the number of results.

The EPD Sorts program debuted Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, and within two hours, 200 free searches were completed by Association members. Before the free selection process was added to AAA Login, searching specific EPDs cost $15 per EPD category.

The feature is particularly helpful for smaller-scale producers. The new function allows genetics from any herd to be easily found by other breeders looking to meet particular goals.

“Animals that do not meet minimum requirements to show up in the Sire Evaluation Report will be accessible via AAA Login’s sort tool,” Laughlin said.

This, and a host of other genetic tools are available through the Association’s data entry and management service, AAA Login. The service began in 2001 with 21 features, and has since grown to nearly 80 producer tools online. The site allows producers to register animals, submit Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR), pay membership fees and more.

“We are constantly adding new features based on breeder feedback,” said Chris Stallo, the Association’s assistant director of information systems. “Our goal is to provide user-friendly programs that Angus producers can put to work on their operations.”

Current AAA Login users can click on the “Interactive Tools” menu to access the sort feature. Members new to the program can visit and click “Sign Me Up.”

For more information contact the Association’s Information Systems at 816-383-5100.

– American Angus Association