AngusSource® bolsters program with genetic verification

Many cattlemen can say their calves are “Angus-sired”, but when buyers want added assurance, the AngusSource® program now offers an option to document that fact.

The American Angus Association recently added genetic verification into their USDA process verified program (PVP).

“We want our commercial producers to have the tools they need to be eligible for any marketing track they might want to take,” says Ginnette Gottswiller, director of commercial programs for the Association.

“When we saw demand at the packing level for verified Angus usage, it was a logical addition.”

As Angus-influenced cattle are evaluated for USDA branded beef programs, the Association’s Live Animal Specification determines initial eligibility. Cattle qualify in one of two ways, by:

phenotype—predominantly solid black

genotype— traceable to one parent, or two grandparents, registered with the American Angus Association

The new Angus-Sired Genetics component enables cattle to qualify as Angus-influence under the genotype requirement, regardless of hide color.

“This program is designed to document and add value to calves in a marketplace demanding additional transparency,” Gottswiller says.

All cattle enrolled in AngusSource are automatically group age and source verified. Other verifiable enrollment options include:

Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)

Never Ever3, or a “never ever” program which certifies the animals have never received hormone growth promotants, antibiotics or been fed animal by-products

Cattle care and handling, a documentation and audit program

Calf management, which certifies preventative animal health programs

“Adding the Angus-Sired Genetics option gives progressive cattlemen one more tool to be successful and grow their profits,” she says. “That’s our continual goal.”

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–American Angus Association