Animal ID, more discussed at R-CALF Convention |

Animal ID, more discussed at R-CALF Convention

Lora Bledsoe, DVM commented during a livestock auction market panel discussion, that USDA is calling for and end to the use of the metal bangs tag by Jan. 1, 2021. She responded to a comment that producers or veterinarians might want to “stockpile” metal tags since USDA says it will not approve their production by 2021. But Bledsoe, of Hugo, Colorado, said stockpiling will not serve a purpose because the tags will not be considered an acceptable form of identification in two years; electronic identification will be required by USDA.

“I feel llike producers haven’t been informed very well, I feel like USDA is letting the veterinarians be the bearers of bad news,” she said. “I believe this is a backdoor way of implementing mandatory animal identification,” Bledsoe said.

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