Another suspect in cattle theft ring arrested |

Another suspect in cattle theft ring arrested

Cooper, Texas – Another suspect in a Delta and Fannin cattle theft ring was arrested Friday on charges of organized criminal activity. Five suspects have been arrested after a string of cattle thefts in Delta and Fannin counties took place in March 2014. Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Rangers Toney Hurley and Troy McKinney led the investigation.

Jonathan Jones, 20, Cooper, was arrested March 24. John Green, 43, Klondike, was arrested March 26. James Shaffer, 60, Terrell, was arrested April 2. Terry Wynne, 51, Terrell, was arrested April 2. Charles Damon Williams, 35, Cooper, was arrested April 4.

On March 18, 2014, authorities in Delta County received a call from one of the victim’s neighbors, who witnessed a suspicious vehicle and trailer leaving the property. The witness was able to obtain a license plate number which led authorities to the suspects.

According to Hurley, as many as 26 head of cattle were stolen from five victims in Delta County and 10 head from two victims in Fannin county. Hurley and McKinney were able to recover 32 of 36 head and return them back to the victims.

“This is a prime example of neighbors looking out for neighbors, which isn’t unusual in the ranching community,” said Hurley. “Because we were able to obtain information quickly from the neighbor and work with both the Delta and Fannin County Sheriff’s Offices, we were able to track down the stolen livestock and return most of them to the different victims.”

Hurley says that investigations are continuing, and authorities expect more arrests. All suspects with the exception of Green have bonded out. Green is still in custody in Fannin County on a $105,000 bond. Once he bonds out he’ll be transferred to Delta County on more charges.

– Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

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