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2018 NIAA Annual Conference set for April 9-12, Denver

Livestock Traceability: Enabling Opportunities for Animal Agriculture will be the theme of the April 2018 NIAA Annual Conference to be held at the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel, in Denver, Colorado.

As with previous Annual Conferences, NIAA will use this platform to give stakeholders from across the industry the opportunity to learn, examine and participate in discussions of today’s most important topics. This year’s Annual Conference will provide leadership for the next steps in the future of Livestock Traceability, a subject important to all of animal agriculture.

This year’s Annual Conference will also introduce some exciting innovations to the agenda.

Watch the NIAA Weekly News Bulletin for more information and details on the 2018 Annual Conference in Denver, and put April 9–12, 2018 in your calendar today

Scare–Mongering Not Productive Approach to Antibiotic Discussion

Antibiotic resistance represents a serious, complex public health consideration and there is work to be done, but over–simplified storylines and scare–mongering is not a productive path toward a science–based solution.

Sometimes one can roll with the punches, but sometimes you just have to stand up and call BS –– especially when the issue is of utmost importance.

–National Institute for Animal Agriculture