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April at last

It seems good to see the ol’ calendar reading “APRIL” at last… the meadowlarks are singin’ and we’re ready for those showers just anytime – except in those areas where you’re already flooded. Saw some amazing web photos of rotary snowplows on trains working through 12′ to 14′ drifts near Jamestown, ND some time back and can hardly imagine what another 15-20 inches on top of that has done to them, where there’s already a huge overabundance of runoff. Our prayers are with you hardy survivors who live there.

I mentioned the CEM issue in the last column and did get some reader feedback indicating an interest. It was pointed out that I recommended folk keep in touch with their State Vet’s but did not list that contact info – so I’ll try to rectify that now. For those of you with access to the Web, Alaska maintains a wonderful site listing contacts for those offices in every state – way to go Sarah! That link is http://www.dec.state.ak.us/EH/vet/vetlist.htm. It comes up fast, even on my slow dial-up connection, and it’s easy to scroll to your state for the name, phone, fax, mailing address and email of your State Vet.

The Wyoming Horse Council also gives the following contact information for CEM updates, contct a Web site at http://wlsb.state.wy.us/ or call 307-777-6443.

In an update received after I wrote last week’s column, I learned the Animal Industry Board in South Dakota has reported, “A mare that was artificially inseminated to one of the infected stallions in Indiana was imported to SD in November, 2008. This mare is quarantined and testing protocols are ongoing.”

That Board also notes, “State and Federal animal health officials are working to trace exposed horses… Definitive diagnostics for both stallions and mares may include serological testing as well as bacterial culture and PCR assays using genital swab samples.” The website to keep track of that situation is http://www.state.sd.us/aib/.

I recently posted a more comprehensive summary of CEM information on the website of IM Cowgirl magazine… if you’re seeking further details go to http://www.imcowgirl.com.

This column is a sometimes source of great Christmas gift ideas (at least that’s my intent, don’t know how it works for ya’?). Anyhow, along that line – I don’t know if you give Easter gifts or not… or perhaps have cowboys with springtime birthdays as I do; anyhow here’s an idea. The National High School Rodeo Association is making $5 off each copy of a great historic rodeo documentary titled “LET ‘ER BUCK! – Rodeo The Early Years, Volume I.”

The Western Horseman says, “Probably the biggest treat in the video is seeing legendary rodeo figures – both human and animal – in action…” They mention stars like Pete Knight, Jackson Sundown, Jessie Stahl, Leonard Stroud and Yakima Canutt, along with Steamboat, Midnight, No Name and Cyclone. The documentary covers rodeo’s evolution from 1880’s Wild West shows through the mid-1930’s. Nominated for an Emmy award and aired on PBS, it’s available from http://www.nhsra.com. You’ll be helpin’ a great cause; plus, most cowboys would probably enjoy findin’ a copy in their Easter basket…

Hey, kudos to my favorite “senior” barrel racer Mary Burger for runnin’ off with the championship at Rodeo Houston, an’ putting $58,500 in her pocket – yeeehaw, you go girl! That win has her leading WPRA World standings as of March 23rd.

Long as we’re tippin’ our ol’ Tri-State Stetson over Houston results, we also want’a pat the back of Buffalo, SD bronc rider Bryce Miller who spurred out a win in his event there, gatherin up $53,500 in Texas money along the way. That leaves him settin’ in the lead of the World Standings in the PRCA.

We’re furthermore very proud that among the top 10 bronc riders in those World Standings you can also find Jesse Kruse from Great Falls, MT in 2nd; JJ Elshere of Quinn, SD in 4th; Dusty Hausauer of Dickinson, ND in 6th; Chad Ferley of Oelrichs, SD in 7th and Cody Taton (2008 WNFR Average Champ) from Newell, SD in 10th. Keep up the good work guys… an’ we’re not forgettin’ the four bull riders in the top-10 standings or the five bulldoggers or the two bareback riders sittin’ there, either. This is, and always has been, cowboy country.

Mentionin’ those top ranked bulldoggers reminds me of a not-so-happy sidebar – Todd Suhn broke a wrist at Houston and it looks like that injury will keep him out of the doggin’ box six weeks or so – tough break at this time of year. He ought’a be back and well-rested long before Cowboy Christmas, though.

I reckon you know writing is something I take an interest in… and I’m a huge fan of longtime rodeo journalist Kendra Santos, so it’s cool to see a Kendra Santos Communications Scholarship has been instigated through the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA). She commented, “It’s been a longstanding mission of mine to see more rodeo kids succeed in college. Most of my very best friends in this world are rodeo people, and it’s a rare cowboy who comes along who doesn’t wish he’d stayed in school and finished college.”

The $2,500 scholarship is available to high school seniors, and applying is simple. Just submit an essay of 800 words or less outlining your interest in the communications field and email it, along with full contact information, to advertising@nhsra.org no later than June 30. Finalists may be contacted for an interview. The winner will receive the scholarship upon proof of acceptance to a four-year or junior college as a communications-, journalism- or media-related major. ProRodeo stars Ty Murray, Trevor Brazile, Jake Barnes, Joe Bever, John W. Jones, Jr. and Lewis Field will sit on the scholarship selection committee with Santos.

Rodeo advertising lion DD DeLeo came up with the idea for the scholarship, saying of Santos, “I’ve worked with her 20 years now, and I’ve never known anyone who encouraged more rodeo kids to get a good education… I want this annual scholarship to be part of Kendra’s legacy in this industry and wanted to help a good friend with her goal of helping rodeo’s young people.” DeLeo works with the PRCA, NHSRA and National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA).

Talking about young people in rodeo, Santos alluded to a reality most of them don’t want to consider. She said, “They’re all a blown-out knee or shoulder from the sidelines, and an education will give them something to fall back on during the down times and after the glory days are gone. There’s just no downside to being educated. For the NHSRA to put my name on an educational scholarship is a huge honor.”

Looks like that’s the end of this ol’ lariat rope once more…

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