AQHA: Payment Options for Canadian Customers |

AQHA: Payment Options for Canadian Customers

Effective April 1, 2020, the American Quarter Horse Association will no longer accept checks drawn on Canadian banks for payment of services from Canadian customers. This policy change aligns with international policies regarding acceptable forms of payment; AQHA does not accept checks from any international country drawn on a foreign bank account.

To determine if AQHA can accept a check, routing numbers for Canadian banks contain eight digits, while U.S. bank routing numbers consist of nine digits. If an international customer is paying with a check drawn from a U.S. bank, the amount is required to be in U.S. funds.

AQHA will continue to accept debit, credit or prepaid debit/credit card payments in U.S. funds from Canadian customers.

The Association offers quick and simple ways to pay an invoice online. Learn step-by-step how to pay an AQHA invoice on

If Canadian customers are unable to make a payment by the methods noted above, contact the AQHA Finance Department at to learn about alternative ways to pay an invoice, such as PayPal or wire transfers.

For additional questions regarding an invoice, call 806-376-4811, and select Option 4 to speak with a representative in Billing, or submit an electronic form.