AQHA teams up with team ropers |

AQHA teams up with team ropers

In addition to the existing prize money for the top ropers, the American Quarter Horse Performance Bonus Program will award an additional $5,000 across four categories.

Professional (Open & #15) $1,500

Amateur (#13, #12 & #11) $1,500

Novice (#10, #9 & #8) $1,500

All-Girl (All Girl roping only) $500

Team ropers already know it pays to ride an American Quarter Horse – that’s why the majority of USTRC members will choose an American Quarter Horse for their trusted teammate during the $6 million USTRC NFTR Oct. 25 – Nov. 2 in Oklahoma City.

Now thanks to a new alliance with the American Quarter Horse Association, USTRC members competing on American Quarter Horses at the NFTR have the opportunity to take home an even bigger check.

To be eligible, participant’s American Quarter Horse ownership papers must be up-to-date and their AQHA membership current. Then, the registered horse with the same rider earning the most money in each of the above categories is the winner. There is NO FEE to sign a horse up for the Program, but a short registration form must be filled out and turned in to the USTRC event office prior to the horse being competed on.

In addition to the cash bonus for owners, USTRC earnings will now be kept on official records at AQHA for American Quarter Horses competing in USTRC events. AQHA members will now be able to track their horse’s earnings at the USTRC National Finals and in 2015 at the USTRC Regional Finals Ropings. And as soon as possible, earnings will be tracked at many, if not all, USTRC sanctioned ropings. With more than $25 million offered through USTRC events, having these earnings recorded makes these American Quarter Horses even more valuable.

“AQHA is excited to partner with USTRC to develop these programs and opportunities to show the world why it is beneficial to own and ride an American Quarter Horse,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “It’s a winning equation: pairing America’s cowboy sport with the world’s most popular horse.”

“It’s been a long time coming”, said USTRC Marketing Director John Findlay, “but we have finally come up with an extremely beneficial program that will allow AQHA and USTRC members a way to substantiate the performance of their horses.”

For more information on the American Quarter Horse Performance Bonus Program, visit and visit the AQHA on-site services booth October 25 – November 2 in the USTRC event office at the USTRC National Finals in Oklahoma City.


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