Area kids compete at Black Hills Stock Show youth day |

Area kids compete at Black Hills Stock Show youth day

Youth from six states competed in seven different contest opportunities during the Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day held Jan. 30, 2016 on the Central States Fairgrounds and at the Pennington County Extension office, in Rapid City.

States represented include; Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota.

“For 4-H members, the youth day activities are a key component to the Experiential Learning Model of Do-Reflect-Apply. Throughout their 4-H careers 4-H members have been studying and honing their skills in different project areas. These events have allowed them to exhibit their knowledge, the “DO” of Experiential Learning, and now they are able to take the feedback they received, reflect upon it and apply it to improve their projects,” said Matthew Olson, SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor for Pennington County.

Youth competed in the following contests; Horse Quiz Bowl, Hippology, Livestockology, Dog Skill-a-thon, Dog Show, Beef Cook Off and Livestock Judging.

Olson explained that through the Youth Day events, participants learned a variety of life skills, from teamwork, to empathy and critical thinking. “Through the Livestock Judging Contest, youth were able to hone their critical thinking skills. Using the knowledge they have learned through 4-H, youth were tasked with evaluating classes of livestock in a relatively short amount of time,” he said. “By asking them to evaluate the livestock and make quick decisions, their analytical and critical thinking skills were being developed. Two skills that they’ll be able to apply later in their lives to any number of professional or personal situations, whether it’s what college to attend or what car to buy.”

Rapid City Chamber of Commerce Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee sponsored dinner for all involved.

Dog Show: There were 95 entries in the Dog Show. In the Dog Skill-A-Thon Mattie Barden, Butte County was the Beginner Division high individual; Teneesha Larson, Butte County, was Junior Division high Individual and Hayly Knighten of Campbell County, Wyo., was the Senior Division high individual.

Hippology and Horse Quiz Bowl: The number of youth competing in Hippology doubled this year. Fourteen teams competed in the Horse Quiz Bowl. In Hippology the Junior Team from Minnehaha County, won the team portion and Tayton Schofield of Perkins County was the Junior Division high Individual. In the Senior Divison, the Chisago County team from Minnesota won the team portion. Breanna Dimmitt of Hughes/Stanley Counties was the top point Senior Division individual.

In the Horse Quiz Bowl, Washington County team from Minnesota placed first. Dawson County team from Montana placed second. The high point individual in Horse Quiz bowl was Angela Megalsky of Dawson County Montana.

Beef Cook Off: Eleven youth competed in the Beef Cook Off.

Lillian Heisinger of Meade County was the Beginning Division champion; Jayden Carrier of Custer County, was the Junior Division champion and Taylor Clendening of Butte County was the Senior Division champion.

Livestock Judging: More than 140 youth competed in the Livestock Judging contest – and increase over last year.

Youth judged six classes of animals.

Jack Hunter of Sioux County, Neb., is the first place individual in the Beginner Division. The team from Sioux County, Neb., placed first in the Beginner Division.

Heide LaBree of Carter County, Mont., is the first place individual in the Junior Division. Butte/Lawrence County team placed first in the Junior Division.

LaMae Turk of Stuntsman County N.D., is the first place individual in the Senior Division. Stuntsman County N.D., team placed first in the Senior Divison.

Livestockology: Dawes County, Mont., team placed first in the Senior Division. Drew Jercib, Dawes County, Mont., is the first place individual in the Senior Division.

Butte Lawrence County team placed first in the Junior Division. Kane Grant of Butte Lawrence County is the first place individual in the Junior Division.

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–SDSU Extension


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