Arrowsmith Red Angus and Choat Red Angus Second Annual “We’re Doing it Different” Production Sale |

Arrowsmith Red Angus and Choat Red Angus Second Annual “We’re Doing it Different” Production Sale

Lot 59 was selected by Rich Waller of 37 Cattle Company from Elm Creek, NE for $9500. This was one of the top calving ease herd sire prospects in this year’s sale at the 2nd Annual Arrowsmith Red Angus and Choat Cattle Company sale.

Date: Mar. 3, 2014

Location: Burwell Livestock, Burwell, Neb.

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery


26 Ylg Arrowsmith Red Angus Bulls: $4,923

44 2-Year-old Choat Red Angus Bulls: $4,295

A blistery cold day greeted buyers at the second “We’re Doing it Different” sale. Red Angus breeders Wayne Choat, St. Edward, Neb., and Brad Arrowsmith, Bassett, Neb., hosted a large crowd of buyers at the Burwell Livestock Market, Burwell, Neb., on March 3, 2014. Bulls and heifers sold into seven states.

Leading the offering was three drafts of commercial replacement heifers, representing the same genetics offered in the purebred sale. Long time Arrowsmith customers, Neil Ammon, Newport, Neb., and Scott Boettcher, Atkinson, Neb., offered their spring born Red Angus commercials sired by Arrowsmith bulls. Forty head of the Ammon heifers averaged $1,425 and 62 head from Boettcher averaged $1,350. Arrowsmith also offered his 60 head of commercial replacements and averaged $1,385.

The unique lot in the offering is the Pick of the 2013 born purebred heifer calves from Arrowsmith Red Angus. Rarely has one of the top heifer calves ever been released from the purebred herd and the last two years, it has generated some excitement. When the gavel dropped, repeat customer, Namken Red Angus, Lake Norden, S.D., was the successful bidder at $11,300. He has until May 1 to make his selection and also has the opportunity to breed her to any Arrowsmith Red Angus herd sire.

Topping the yearling bull offering was Lot 59. One of the most popular bulls in the sale, he is sired by SSS Endorse 639X. A 2 star heifer bull, he post EPDs of BW -1.1, WW 53, YW 93 and Milk 15. Rich Waller, 37 Cattle Co., Elm Creek, Neb., selected him at $9,500 as the first of his two picks. He also selected Lot 52, an OCC Uphold son at $6,250. This 3 star heifer bull posted EPDs of BW -0.9, WW 57, YW 96 and Milk 9.

Scott Boettcher came to the sale not only as a consignor but paid $7,250 to own Lot 64 – ARO Endorsement 348. This easy fleshing SSS Endorse 639X son, is backed by one of the foundation cow families in the Arrowsmith program. His seven year old dam posts an average MPPA of 105.6. To complete his Endorse sired duo, he selected Lot 68 at $6,000. A very complete packge, he combines pedigree and all the numbers to make an ideal herd bull candidate.

Topping the 2-year old offering of Choat Red Angus, was Lot 30 at $7,000. He sold to Larry Jensen, Laurel, Neb. This highly recommended heifer bull is sired by a son of 5L Signature 5615. His EPD tabulation of BW 0.5, WW 61, YW 99 and Milk 18 represents the balance of the Choat herd. Jensen also purchased Lot 18 at $6,500. This Legend 425V sired bull combined highly maternal traits from OCC Legend and OCC Missing Link. He was a moderate framed heifer bull with dimension.

The Choat offering sold 6 bulls at $6,500. Lots 2 and 7 were selected by Gifford Leu, Sutherland, Neb., Lot 2 is sired by Messmer Jericho W041, a son of the popular Julian B571 and Lot 7 is sired by the Choat signature calving ease sire Messmer Jed V510. Lot 7 sported a BW EPD in the top 10 percent of the Red Angus breed and Lot 2 blends Norseman King and Rambo on the bottom side of his pedigree.

Another Jericho W041 son was selected by Doug Feiring, Powers Lake, N.D., at $6,500. His dam is a member of the matriarch Lakota cow family. This is another heifer bull with a balanced EPD tabulation.

Randal Adolph, Mount Carroll, IL selected the top selling bull from the 5L Legend 425V sire group. Lot 20’s dam was a Canadian bred cow that offers outcross calving ease genetics.

Lot 11, another V510 son, left the ring to Bud Reed, Lance Creek, Wyo. This moderate framed bull, post a -5.1 BW EPD with very balanced growth trait numbers.

Jim and Sherri Schoenberg, Bassett, Neb., selected one of the most eye appealing bulls in the Arrowsmith offering at $5,750. Another Endorse sired calf, this bull put it all together in terms of style, balance, structure and performance.

Volume buyer on the day was James Mason, Narka, Kansas, with 6 bulls. F

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