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Quick Draw event at BHSS raises over $2,500

Lisa Norman (right), of Images West Studio in Buffalo, Wyoming, used exposure at Black Hills Stock Show to gather funds for an artist friend to purchase art supplies. She sold a replica painting of that she created in the Quick Draw for $600 in addition to collecting pledges. Photo courtesy of Lisa Norman

An impromtu private benefit occurred during the Black Hills Stock Show this year. Lisa Norman, of Images West Studio in Buffalo, Wyoming, used the exposure from the Quick Draw event to benefit a friend and fellow artist.

In the Quick Draw, participating artists had a one-hour time limit to paint an image from scratch, then an additional five minutes to frame it. While the artists are at work, attendees are welcome to watch, then vote on their favorite artwork once time is complete.

“Our pieces are auctioned to the packed crowd, with half of the selling price going to the Central States Fair to fund further projects,” Norman said. “The People’s Choice award is a $500 check given to the winning artist. This year, I was the happy recipient of that award, and my piece was the high-selling one at the auction at $1,000.”

Norman posted a time-lapse video of her creating her piece during Quick Draw on her Facebook page at Images West Studio. The act of kindness was inspired by the amount of hits – more than 2,000 – her time-lapse video received overnight. Norman decided to use her practice piece, very similar to the one that sold for $1,000, to raise funds for her artist friend Kristy Johnson, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, whose daughter has Rett Syndrome.

“I had brought along the practice piece for my Quick Draw painting that I’d completed at home. It was sitting in my booth, framed, and I thought, ‘Maybe I can do an online auction to benefit another artist friend of mine who is every bit as talented, but doesn’t get the opportunities to participate in these events,’” Norman said. “Kristy is a wife, and mother of 3 children. Her oldest daughter, Nora, has Rett Syndrome. Her condition is a debilitating neurological disorder. Those who have it lose the ability to walk and talk. Symptoms don’t often appear until a child is 12- to 18-months old. Children with Rett, and it’s almost always girls, often have extreme social anxiety and problems with muscles and coordination. Some have seizures, including Nora. There’s no cure, but there are treatments such as speech, physical and occupational therapy.”

The practice painting started at a bid of $200 Feb. 4, and grew while on her Facebook page to $600 throughout the day. The raised funds were intended for Johnson to pursue an artistic venture or retreat.

“The results were simply astounding. In 12 hours, the video gained over 6000 hits, and we raised over $2,500. Folks from Texas, Colorado, Delaware, North Carolina, Montana, Florida and many more states opened their hearts and gave for the sake of giving,” Norman said. “It was such an affirming experience for all who were touched. We get so saturated in our world today with negativity from the media, and it can bring about a sense of doom that the world is slowly falling apart. This was a beautiful example of just how much good is still happening in the world.”

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