USCA makes comment on U.S. beef access to China |

USCA makes comment on U.S. beef access to China

(WASHINGTON) – The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) President Kenny Graner issued the following statement on the announcement of initial actions under the “100-day action plan” as agreed to by President Trump and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinpig:

“As noted in the U.S.-China Economic Cooperation 100-Day Plan, U.S. beef access in China remains one of the priorities for both countries. The plan states that following one more round of technical consultations, U.S. beef will be granted access to China, in accordance with international standards. The plan gives a timeline for access set at no later than July 16, 2017.”

“USCA applauds President Donald J. Trump, Secretary Perdue, and Members of the House and Senate for making U.S. beef access to China a priority issue and appreciates the efforts by all to see this agreement through to completion. Market access to China is crucial for U.S. cattle producers. Success in this arena will drive the U.S. cattle market and increase demand for U.S beef. USCA looks forward to working with this Administration to establish U.S. beef access to China during the final rounds of these technical consultations.”


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