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Over 1M acres burned in MT

The fires have left untold numbers of livestock dead and thousands of miles of fence destroyed. Photo by John Lockie

According to the Northern Rockies Coordination Center, only two years in the past two decades have resulted in more acres being burned – 2006 and 2012.

With 1,032,801 acres burned so far in 2017, sadly the this year could surpass 2012 when about 1.2 million acres burned and 2006 when around 1.1 million acres burned.

More than 4,000 firefighters have worked on the 1,687 fires across the state. 748 were ignited by lightning while 939 were caused by humans.

About ten percent of the acres burned were the result of human-caused fires.

The fires in Montana alone have cost an estimated $284 million, with about $53 million of that being paid by the state, and the remainder funded with federal tax moneys.

Two firefighters have lost their lives and an estimated 4,000 firefighters have battled the blazes.

–staff report