Beefchain approved for Process Verified Program |

Beefchain approved for Process Verified Program

SUNDANCE, WY—Tyler Lindholm, Program Manager for Beefchain (a Wyoming-based company that provides cattle producers with blockchain technology that provides immutable proof of source, age, and health of individual cattle), announced today that the company has received certification from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Process Verified Program.

This means that software created by BeefChain provides assurance for cattle buyers across the globe that premium beef is exactly that: premium.

“This is all about giving the best beef producers the tools to better market their premium beef,” Lindholm said. “Customer demand for naturally-raised beef has never been higher and now producers can market their cattle with this USDA-certified program.”

The BeefChain software creates a digital trail of transparent, tamper-proof records through the supply chain from pasture to plate. A digital identify is created for each animal and all participants in the supply chain. This guarantees proof of value-added attributes, ownership, and change of ownership as the cattle travel through the supply chain.

“This is a big deal,” Lindholm said. “This means that cattle producers can provide proof to buyers all over the world about where the cattle was born, how they were raised, where they were raised, and the overall health of the cattle.”

Lindholm said there are four distinct programs that cattle producers can enroll in. All provide immutable digital proof to cattle buyers of cattle individual cattle identity and how they were raised. The four programs include:

— Non-Hormone Treated Cattle. This program is for cattle producers who do not treat their cattle with hormones at any time during their lifespan.

— BeefChain Natural. This program is for cattle producers that don’t treat their cattle with hormones, antibiotics, and ionophores. Only cattle that have been on natural forage for 90% of the first six months of their life can qualify.

— BeefChain Wyoming+: This program is for Wyoming cattle producers who ensure their cattle are pasture-raised. Only cattle born in Wyoming are eligible.

— Age and Source Verification: This program provides immutable proof of individual cattle age and where the cattle was born and raised.