Calcutta makes NILE Merit Heifer contest fun for all

Billings, MT–Merit Heifer recipients have been working hard since last November learning, preparing and practicing for the culmination of the program. After showing at the NILE, ownership the heifer is fully transferred to their name–talk about a big incentive!

The 2016 Merit Heifer show is Friday, Oct. 21 in the F150 Super Duty Show Ring in the ExpoCenter. Beginning at 1 p.m. the Progeny Pen Parade presented by Cargill looks back at past Merit Heifer recipients. This class shows off their hard work since completing their program year and how their original Merit Heifer is doing currently. In a pen show format each past recipient brings their original heifer and her progeny, and speaks for three to five minutes

At 1:30 registration for the Calcutta opens. Registration is next to the announcer’s stand. Each buyer must come and register for a number (includes raffle heifer buyers). The Calcutta begins promptly at 2:30 p.m. followed by the donation heifer raffle, and then the 2016 Merit Heifer Show.

The Merit Heifer recipients will show in heifer classes judged by Clint Sexson. Showmanship will be judged concurrently by a sideline judge. The sideline judge will select the top eight finalists, who will compete for the overall title of Top Showman. After the conclusion of the heifer classes and during picture of the champion heifer the top eight showmen will be announced. The top eight will return to the ring and the final drive will be judged by both Clint Sexson and the sideline judge. Awards will then be presented, including the Top Herdsman Award, and drawing for the Donation Heifer donated by Sutherlin Farms.

Be sure to come to NILE to watch this year’s Merit Heifer Show, Friday, October 21st. For a full schedule of events and more information go to

Questions contact (406) 256-2495

Raffle Heifer

A big thank you to Sutherlin Farms Red Angus for the donation of this year’s Raffle Heifer. This heifer is halter broke and ready for a new show home! One hundred percent of the proceeds from the raffle heifer will support the Merit Heifer Program Program and provide scholarships and awards to former NILE Merit Heifer Recipients. Tickets can be purchased throughout the NILE week and during the NILE Merit Heifer Show immediately following the Calcutta. Tickets cost $10 each.

For full Calcutta Rules please see below. Everything must be paid in cash. No checks, traveler’s check, credit cards, or debit cards can be accepted as forms of payment. ATMs will be available the day of the show.


Introduction to the NILE Merit Heifer Program:

The Merit Heifer Program is built around various ranchers (donors) providing youth with an avenue for starting their own cow herd by donating at no cost, a calf to each participating youth. At the culmination of a yearlong effort of preparing the donors heifer, keeping records books, information reports and monthly check checkpoints, the youth are awarded the heifer to keep. The completion of the project and awarding of the ownership of the heifer takes place following the annual NILE Stock Show each year.


1. Buyers are bidding on which rancher (donor) will win the NILE Merit Heifer Show.

2. Each donor & heifer combination will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder.

3. All proceeds from each sale will be gathered into a “pot” and subsequently be paid back, to the registered buyers of the top four individual finishers.

4. The winners of the calcutta will be determined by the performance of buyer’s individual donor for the NILE Merit Heifer Show.

5.The designated buyer will be responsible for payment of the investment to NILE, and is responsible for payment among the group. NILE WILL PAY WINNINGS TO THE DESIGNATED BUYER ONLY.

6. Terms of the auction will be cash – NO travelers checks, personal checks, or credit cards may be used as payment. Payment must be made during or immediately following the auction.


1. The pot will be split four ways: 1st – 40 percent, 2nd – 30 percent, 3rd – 20 percent, 4th – 10 percent; 25 percent of the total pot will be deducted to cover expenses and to raise funds for the NILE Youth Programs.

2. All payments will be made based on the final judges scores sheet which will take precedence over any announcements made by the event announcer.

–the NILE