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Election results in TSLN core states

(The numbers after the candidate or ballot measure represent a percent of the people who voted. Percentages have been rounded to the the nearest whole number.)



Donald Trump 57

Hillary Clinton 36

G. Johnson 6

J. Stein 2

R. De La Fuente .3

Ballot Measures:

Create Crime Victim Rights: Voters decide whether to give crime victims specific rights to ensure their interests under the law. YES 66-34

Prohibit Animal Trapping: Voters decide whether to prohibit the use of animal traps on public lands. NO 63-38

Expand Medical Marijuana: Voters decide whether to repeal the three-patient limit for medical marijuana providers. YES 58-42

Issue Brain Research Bonds: Voters decide whether to create $10 million state bonds per year to fund biomedical research. NO 58-42



Donald Trump 60

Hillary Clinton 34

G. Johnson 5

J. Stein 1

HOUSE (Second District)

D. Bacon (R) 49

B. Ashford (D) 47

S. Laird (L) 3

Ballot measure:

Death Penalty Law: Voters will decide to either repeal or retain a referendum that has banned the death penalty in the state. REPEAL: 61-39

North Dakota


Donald Trump 64

Hillary Clinton 28

G. Johnson 6

D. Castle .5

R. De La Fuente .1


John Hoeven (R)– 79

E. Glassheim (D) – 17

R. Marquette (L) 3

J. Germalic (I) – 1

Ballot measures:

Legislative Residence: The measure would require requiring state legislators to remain residents of the legislative districts they serve in for the entirety of their term, and starting at least 30 days prior to the election. YES 86-14

School Trust Fund: The measure would expand the educational purposes in which excess revenues from oil extraction taxes from the foundation aid stabilization fund can be used on. YES 64-36

Crime Victim Rights: Voters decide whether to incorporate statues on crime victims’ rights into the state constitution. YES 62-38

Veterans Trust Fund: Voters decide whether to raise taxes on tobacco products and use revenue toward veterans and health services. NO 61-38

Medical Marijuana: Voters decide whether to legalize medical marijuana. YES 64-37

South Dakota


Donald Trump 62

Hillary Clinton 32

G. Johnson 6

D. Castle 1


John Thune (R) 72

J Williams. (D) 28

Ballot measures:

Tech College Autonomy: The ballot would allow the South Dakota legislature to determine an entity to run technical schools, not the state’s Board of Regents. YES – 51-49

Crime Victim Rights: It would give victims of crimes more rights, including restitution before the government receives it. YES 60-40

Redistricting Commission: It will create an independent redistricting commission. NO 57-43

Election Deadlines: Primary election candidates for some offices must submit nominating petitions about a month earlier. NO 71-29

Youth Minimum Wage: It lowers the minimum wage for workers under 18 from $8.50 to $7.50. NO 71-29

Interest Rate Loophole: The ballot will limit the ability to set statutory interest rates for loans. – NO 63-37

Nonpartisan Elections: This will establish nonpartisan elections. NO 56-46

Cap Interest Rates: This will place a 36 percent cap on interest rates for short-term loans. YES 76-24

Campaign Finance Overhaul: If passed, it would establish a publicly funded campaign system and would create an ethics commission. YES 52-48

Union Fees: Non-union workers could be subject to fees for representation. NO 80-2



Donald Trump 70

Hillary Clinton 23

G. Johnson 5

J. Stein 1

D. Castle .8

R. De La Fuente .3

Ballot measures:

Expand Funds Leg May Invest: Allows the investment of billions more dollars of state funds in stocks FOR 56-44

–Information courtesy Politico