Carmichael Herefords 2015 Production Sale |

Carmichael Herefords 2015 Production Sale

Repeat buyer Bob Tenold, Reva, S.D., looks over the offering.

Carmichael 45th Annual Proven Genetics Sale

Date: Saturday, February 15, 2014

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported by: Ross Glass


49 Bulls…………………….…$4,832

TOP Selling Yearling Bulls

Lot 1 $9,000 Hermann Ranch – Lemmon, SD

Lot 11 $7,000 Mortenson Cattle Co – Hayes, SD

Lot 6 $6,000 Price Ranch – Faith, SD

TOP Selling Two Year Old Bulls

Lot 20 $9,000 Weishaar Ranch – Lemmon, SD

Lot 31 $8,000 Kennedy Ranch – Faith, SD

Lot 17 $7,000 Mortenson Cattle Co – Hayes, SD

Lot 24 $7,000 Mortenson Cattle Co – Hayes, SD

Lot 27 $7,000 Bret Hanson – Faith, SD

Carmichael Herefords hosted their 45th Annual Proven Genetics Sale at their ranch near Meadow, SD on February 15, 2014. A large crowd gathered ring side as the Carmichael crew brought a select group of yearling and two year old bulls through the ring.

Topping the Yearling side of the bulls was Lot 1 with a bid of $9000 to the Hermann Ranch at Lemmon, SD. This KC Ribstone 13021 son of F 157K Ribstone 765 (CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF) posted a BW of 94, WW of 650 and EPDs of BW 5.2, WW 58, YW 100 M 28 M&G 57. This great herd prospect was born March 22, 2013.

Lot 11,KC L1 Domino 13069, sold for $7,000 to Mortenson Cattle Co of Hayes, S.D., purchasing a yearling son of HH ADVANCE 0207X (DLF, HYF, IEF). This March 31, 2013 yearling had a BW of 94 with a WW of 641 and EPDs of BW 4.7, WW 57, YW 96, M 26 M&G 54. One-fourth semen interest was retained in herd only on this bull.

The Price Ranch of Faith, S.D., purchased a yearling for $6,000. This Lot 6, KC Ribstone 13059, born on March 29, 2013 is a son of F 157K Ribstone 765 (CHB,DLF, HYE, IEF) with a BW of 84 WW of 615 and EPDs of BW 3.0 WW 47 YW 77 M 28 M&G 51 that produces many excellent uddered cows.

Topping the two year old bulls was a big, stout son of B & D Advance 9162. This Lot 20, KC L1 Domino 12003, was purchased by Weishaar Ranch – Lemmon, S.D., for $9,000. This March 19, 2012 son posts a BW 87, WW Ratio 118 YW Ratio 114 and EPDs of BW 2.7 WW 56 YW 90 M 29 M&G 57.

The Kennedy Ranch – Faith, S.D., took home a two year old bull, KC L1 Domino 12028, born on March 30, 2012 – Lot 31 for $8,000. This thick, easy fleshing grandson of 5216 and son of B & D Advance 9162 posted a BW 76 WW Ratio 110 YW Ratio 109 and EPDs of BW 0.9 WW 51 YW 80 M 26 M&G 52. This bull was a good herd prospect that was recommended for heifers.

Lot 17 went home with Mortenson Cattle Co from Hayes, S.D., for $7,000. JC L1 Domino 2000Z was born March 24, 2012 and was a son of JC L1 Domino 5031R and had a BW 72 WW Ratio 105 YW Ratio 103 and EPDs of BW 0.4 WW 42 YW 59 M15 M&G 36.

Also going home with the Mortenson Cattle Co was Lot 24, KC L1 Domino 12015, born March 27, 2012 with modest BW 74 WW Ratio 114 YW Ratio 107 and EPDs BW 0.9 WW 50 YW 76 M 28 M&G 53.

Bret Hanson from Faith, S.D., stepped up and purchased Lot 27, JC L1 Domino 2023Z, another two year old bull that also sold for $7,000. This son of KC L1 Domino 09005 posted a BW 88 WW Ratio 109 YW Ratio 115 and EPDs of BW 2.5 WW 47 YW 83 M 23 M&G 46 and was born April 4, 2012.

Once again a quality set of Hereford bulls was put together by Carmichael Herefords of Meadow, SD. Stop by their ranch during the year and check out next year’s crop of bulls to see how they are maturing. F

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