Amdahl Angus & Hereford 42nd Annual Production Sale |

Amdahl Angus & Hereford 42nd Annual Production Sale

Stroh Herefords, Mike & Dawn Stroh, Kildeer, ND purchased a new Herd Sire prospect at the Amdahl Angus & Hereford sale.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Nov. 23, 2019

Location: Sale held at the ranch, North of Rapid City, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Deitterle

Averages 61 Yearling Angus Bulls – $3763 10 Yearling Hereford Bulls -$4350 6 Two Yr Old Angus bulls – $4208 6 Two Yr Old Hereford Bulls – $3750 8 Angus Open Heifers – $1512 6 Bred Hereford Cows – $1842 23 Bred Angus Cows – $1659 4 Hereford Open Heifers – $1575 2 Angus Fall Bulls – $5875 3 Hereford Fall Bulls – $3916 4 Bred Angus Heifers – $2650

What a beautiful fall day for the Amdahl Family as they presented a great set of Angus and Hereford cattle for their 42nd Annual Sale. This was a bit of a change from the regular February sale they had in the past. But the bulls were ready and in great shape for a fall sale. There was a very nice crowd of buyers and bidders on hand for the new sale date. Sale highlights are as follows.  Angus bulls:

*Lot 64, Amdahl Landmark Plus 964, a 1/19 son of Amdahl Landmark 712 to Joseph Angus Ranch, Winner, SD for $6,750. *Lot 87, Amdahl All American 8158, a 9/18 son of Amdahls All American 324 to Vance Martin, Midland, SD for $6500. *Lot 2, Amdahl Capitalist Plus 933, a 1/19 son of LD Capitalist 316 to LCL Ranch, Murdo, SD for $5750. *Lot 28, Amdahl Galaxy 922, a 1/19 son of Musgrave Avaitor to Mollman Ranch, Morristown, SD for $5750. *Lot 33, Amdahl Royal 9145, a 2/19 son of Amdahls Rocketeer 636 to Mollman Ranch, Morristown, SD for $5750.

Hereford Bulls:

*Lot 121, KB L1 Domino 952G ET, a 2/19 son of HH Advance 6092D to Stroh Herefords, Kildeer, ND for $11,000. *Lot 141, KB L1 Domino 891F, a 4/18 son of CL1 Domino 269Z to Mike Miller, Belle Fourche, SD for $5250. *Lot 110, KB L1 Domino 926G, a 1/19 son of HH Advance 7074E to 3 M Cattle, Rapid City, SD for $5000. *Lot 133, KB L1 Domino 818F, a 1/18 son of CL1 Domino 269Z to Michael Gilbertz, Mitchell, SD for $4500.

Angus Females:

*Lot 165, Amdahl Miss Cowboy 393-849, a 1/18 heifer sired by HA Cowboy Up 5405 selling bred to Connealy Weigh Up 861, due 3/2020 sold to Joseph Angus, Winner, SD for $4500. *Lot 166, Amdahl Erica BG 50-839, a 1/18 daughter of Connealy Black Granite selling bred to Connealy Treasure 7414, due 4/2020 sold to Brian LaDue, Meadow, SD for $2300.

Hereford Females:

*Lot 220, TA L1 Dominette 738E, a 2/17 daughter of CL1 Domino 9126J sold bred to KB L1 Domino 623D, due 2/2020 sold to Mark Thompson, Okaygare WA, for $2400. *Lot 219, TA L1 Dominette 793E, a 9/17 daugher of HH Advcance 4344B sold bred to CL1 Domino 6104D, due 3/2020 sold to 3M Cattle, Rapid City, SD for $2200.

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