Association Roundup: 2-19-2011 |

Association Roundup: 2-19-2011

Angus genomic-enhanced growths EPDs; Shorthorn Pace Performance sires and dams

Angus: On Friday, Feb. 11, genomic-enhanced EPDs incorporating the IGENITY Profile for Angus are available for several growth traits including birth, weaning and yearling weight EPDs; as well as milk EPDs.

The selection tools are generated using the Association’s extensive growth database and genomic results from the IGENITY Angus-specific profile.

Growth EPDs now join other genomic-enhanced EPDs offered through the Association, including: carcass traits, docility and residual average daily gain (RADG).

Shorthorn: The American Shorthorn Association (ASA) recognized Pacer Performance Dams and Sire in Denver, CO, during the National Western Stock Show Shorthorn Pen Show in the “yards.”

To be recognized as a Pacer Performance Dam, the female must have: her first calf by the time she is no older than 28 months of age; maintain a calving interval of less than 375 days on three consecutive calves; a minimum of three consecutive natural registered calves with complete performance data submitted to the American Shorthorn Association; a minimum average progeny weaning ratio of 102 on three consecutive calves; and a minimum average progeny weaning ratio of 100 on three consecutive calves.

This year eight females from two different Missouri firms earned Pacer Performance Dam status for their owners. Rob Sneed Shorthorns of Sedalia, MO had five females qualify. They were: RR Katy 3rd; RS Dream Girl 17th; RS Beta 39th; RS Girl 729 02; and RS Beta 318 05. Meadow Lane Farms of Mayview, MO had three females qualify. They were: ML Roan Sue 0125 of 239; ML Miss Houston 0540; and DPC Star Glow Eagle.

To be recognized as a Pacer Performance Sire the bull must have: a minimum of 25 registered progeny with complete performance data submitted to the ASA; a minimum of five daughters in production that calved at less than 28 months of age with an average progeny weaning ratio of over 100; a minimum of five progeny whose carcasses have met the ASA “Gold Award” standards (Choice – Yield Grade 3 or lower – minimum carcass WDA of 1.25 lbs. per day); and his BEPD, WEPD, YEPD and MEPD must be in the top 75 percents of breed based on the main active sire list in the year of nomination.

Waukaru Gold Card 5042 has been named as a Pacer Performance Sire. This is the third and youngest sire to receive this prestigious award. Waukaru Gold Card 5042 originated in the progressive Shorthorn herd of Waukaru Farms Inc., of Rensselaer, IN. He is a solid red, polled, March 2, 2005 son of Waukaru Gold Ship and Waukaru Colonial Nan 233. Gold Card is owned by Richardson Farms, Marlow, OK and Waukaru Farms Inc., Rensselaer, IN. Currently Gold Card has 217 progeny registered with the ASA and 79 active daughters working in herds across the U.S.

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