Automatic Livestock Watering Systems Ease the Burden of Farmers with Small Herds |

Automatic Livestock Watering Systems Ease the Burden of Farmers with Small Herds

Earth-heated, open water systems can provide even small herds trouble-free watering, even in sub-zero temperatures

Farmer Ross Dicks and his wife usually keep a few head of cattle in a lot on their 8-acre farm in Jackson, Minn.

Keeping a water source open on a small operation like this can be difficult.

As a solution, Dicks found an innovative earth-heated, automatic “open water” system that provides his livestock with a reliable, trouble-free watering source even in sub-zero temperatures with low animal traffic. The partially buried system keeps valves operating. The durable design prevents water valves and plumbing from freezing while providing the owner easy wide-open access as needed by simply removing the water tub.

Because the system is an earth-heated, partially buried system with essentially just a tough tub of water above ground, electric heat is not required for valve or plumbing protection.

When keeping fresh water available to cattle and other livestock during cold weather has become overly burdensome or costly, farmers with small and even large herds can find a cost-effective, long-term solution with earth-heated, automatic open water systems.

For more info, call 888-699-4722; visit; or write to Cobett Company 2651 265th Street, E. Peru, IA 50222.


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