Badlands Classic Jackpot Show in Glendive |

Badlands Classic Jackpot Show in Glendive

The Badlands Classic Jackpot Show took place on June 13, 2020 in Glendive, MT at J&A Arena. We had nearly 100 exhibitors between the ages of 8-18 who had the opportunity to showcase all of the hard work they had put into their livestock for months. The entire show was in high spirits as the Badlands Classic was one of the first jackpots shows in the area to take place since COVID-19 had begun. The children showcased over 200 animals within the species of swine, goats, lambs, and beef. It is greatly appreciated the hard work that J & A Arena did to step up and host the Badlands Classic while in need of a venue. We are so thankful for all of the support that we received for our first annual jackpot show. It would not be possible without all of the support from our generous sponsors and exhibitors that helped pull off a great event during these trying times. We look forward to next year and can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for the Badlands Classic.

Swine-Grand Champion: Lexy Dietz, Swine-Reserve: Chael Robert’s, Sr-Swine Showman-Grand Champion: Lexy Dietz, Sr-Swine Showman-Reserve: Abby Nowicki, Jr-Swine Showman-Grand Champion: Cooper McNally, Jr-Swine Showman-Reserve: Chael Robert’s, Goats-Grand Champion: Fletcher Hennessy, Goats-Reserve: Hadley Kautz, Breeding Goats-Grand Champion: Lexy Dietz, Breeding Goats-Reserve: Fletcher Hennessy, Sr-Goat Showman-Grand Champion: Lexy Dietz, Sr-Goat Showman-Reserve: Megan Smith, Jr-Goat Showman-Grand Champion: Lilli Steeke, Jr-Goat Showman-Reserve: Hadley Kautz, Market Lambs-Grand Champion: Lexy Dietz, Market Lambs-Reserve: Taylor Cattin, Sr-Sheep Showman-Grand Champion: Lexy Dietz, Sr-Sheep Showman-Reserve: Megan Smith. Jr-Sheep Showman-Grand Champion: Hadley Kautz, Jr-Sheep Showman-Reserve: Lilli Steeke, Breeding Lambs-Grand Champion: Megan Smith, Breeding Lambs-Reserve: Megan Smith, Market Beef-Grand Champion: Brighton Lane, Market Beef-Reserve: Lexy Dietz, Sr-Beef Showman-Grand Champion: Brighton Lane, Sr-Beef Showman-Reserve: Lexy Dietz, Jr-Beef Showman-Grand Champion: Claire Murnin, Jr-Beef Showman-Reserve: Kaydin Kumpula, Heifers-Grand Champion: Claire Murnin, Heifers-Reserve: Layton Mrnak

–Badlands Classic Jackpot Show

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