Baker Hereford Ranch Bull Sale |

Baker Hereford Ranch Bull Sale

Dennis Quivey bought some good bulls.

Date: Feb. 8, 2014

Location: At the ranch near Rapid City, S.D.

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported by: Art Handel


40 ylg Hereford bulls: $4,713

3 fall ylg Hereford bulls: $6,000

7 two yr old Hereford bulls: 4,893

9 Angus bulls: $3,250

59 bulls ave: $4,576

Baker Hereford Ranch, operated by Jim and Jeff Baker has been producing registered Hereford seedstock for 68 years. This year the offering of bulls again showed the consistency and uniform quality associated with the Baker reputation. The breeding program has been centered on predictable line one genetics for many years.

The Bakers did disperse the main cowherd a couple of years ago but have rebuilt the herd with embryos from those top cows. The results are very evident in the uniformity displayed in this set of sale bulls.

The weather was typical of the winter of 2014. Light snow, slick roads, cold and breezy. Many longtime repeat customers were on the seats along with quite a number of new names on the buyer list.

Long time customers Behm Bros. of Burlington, N.D. have been buying Baker bulls for 21 years and again plucked seven of the top bulls for their straight Hereford commercial herd. Behms selected lot 5 at $10,500 to lead the list. He is a son of KB L1 Domino 121 Y. Born Jan. 12, 2013 with a 68 lb BW, the 205 wt was 732 lbs, and he boasted a milk EPD of 31. Behms’ next pick at $7,500 was lot 45, a March 31, 2013 son of KB L1 Domino 121 Y. BW 75 lbs, 205 wt of 733 and a milk EPD of 33. Both of these bulls are tremendously long bodied and very thick. At $7,000 to Behms was an extremely powerful fall yearling bull. Lot 48 was born on Aug. 26, 2012. This bull is extremely deep sided and has length and thickness to give the added pounds to a calf crop.

Also selling at $7,000 was lot 8 to Scot Huber, Martin, S.D. Bakers retained a semen interest in this bull to breed heifers to this year. He is a Jan. 19, 2013 son of KB L1 Domino 0186X. This Goggle-eyed fella had a 72 lb BW with great performance.

Bartling Herefords, Herrick, S.D., paid $7,000 for their choice in Lot 19. KB L1 Domino 387 A ET. A powerful, thick made son of HH Advance 1038Y ET. The Feb. 3, 2013 born bull came into this world weighing 83 lbs and had grown to 766 lbs at 205 days. He is a red eyed, deep sided bull.

Lot 25 went at $6,500 to Michael Gilbertz of White Lake, S.D. The 88 lb BW bull is a son of KB L1 Domino 84U. This is yet another high performace bull with length, thickness and dimension.

The Bakers offered a high quality set of bulls and the buyers bid their approval of this long time established breeding program. Ken Baker set the standard and Jim and Jeff are carrying on the family tradition.

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