Bakers LeMar Angus Performance Sale |

Bakers LeMar Angus Performance Sale

Bryan Tarter, Ashland, MT.

Date: April 8, 2013


15 Fall yearling Angus bulls – $2,503

92 Spring yearling Angus bulls – $3,038

14 Registered open heifers – $1,678

50 Commercial open heifers – $1,000

After a long period of dry weather, the late spring storms were very welcome for the moisture, but had an effect on the crowd at the annual Baker LEMAR Angus Production sale. Leo and Marilyn Baker along with Mike and Sandra Baker presented a very nice set of powerful calving ease and performance bulls for their annual sale. The bulls were backed by a 60-plus year Angus program of excellent genetics and a top cow herd.

The Bakers are dedicated to producing genetically predictable cattle that will perform in all environments. Cattle that combine calving ease with superior growth, maternal and carcass traits along with fertility and longevity.

Topping the sale were two early February 2012 sons of SAV Final Answer 0035. Lot 2 LEMAR Final Answer 11Z had a moderate 69 pound birthweight, 780 pound 205-day weight and 1304 pound yearling weight The bull had a weaning ratio of 110, yearling ratio of 112 and EPDs of BW .4, WW 56, YW 101, Milk 28 and sold for $7,500. Lot 1, LEMAR Final Answer 6Z, weaned off at 780 pounds to ratio at 111 with a yearling weight of 1278 pounds, YR 112 and EPDs of BW 1.3, WW 58, YW 108, Milk 28 and sold at $7,000. Long-time repeat buyer Ray Saunders, Saunders Land & Livestock, Gillette, WY, purchased both bulls.

Don Nixon, Alzada, MT, purchased lot 7, LEMAR Final Answer 29Z at $7,000. This 2/10/12 bull had a 765 pound weaning weight, 102 ratio and EPDs of BW .9, WW 51, YW 95, and Milk 28.

Lot 17, LEMAR 14Z, a 2/6/12 son of CAR Efficient 534 had a moderate 74 pound birthweight, 820 pound weaning weight, and 1354 pound yearling weight to ratio at 122 of weaning and 117 for yearling. This bull has EPDs of BW .5, WW 63, YW 110, Milk 32 and sold to Thomas Ranch, Alzada, MT for $6,000.

Also at $6,000 was lot 112, LEMAR Meat Packer 522Y, an 8/26/11 son of Alberda Meat Packer 420 with EPDs of BW 2, WW 54, YW 95, Milk 26. This bull went to Lane Pilster Ranch, Alzada, MT.

Selling at $5,750 was lot 11, LEMAR Upward 84Z, a 2/27/12 son of Sitz Upward 307R with EPDs of BW 1.6, WW 62, YW 118, Milk 34. This bull weaned off at 805 pounds to ratio 112 and had a yearling weight of 1233 pounds, YR 106. Tom and Heather Hamilton, Lance Creek, WY were the buyers.

Three registered heifers sold at $1,900 each to Charles C. Tipton, Box Elder, SD.

With the smaller crowd on hand there were some bulls left over. With the nice spring rains and green grass coming now, if you are needing a bull call Leo or Mike and they will get you fixed up.

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