Bakers LeMar Angus Spring Performance Sale Report |

Bakers LeMar Angus Spring Performance Sale Report

Grubbing Hoe Ranch, Buffalo, SD got several Bakers LeMar Angus bulls.

TSLN Reps:Scott Dirk, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 9, 2018

Location: St. Onge Livestock, St. Onge, SD

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


57 Yearling Angus bulls avg. $3,405

36 Yearling registered open heifers avg. $1,297

26 Yearling commercial open heifers avg. $1,241

Mike and Sandy Baker are carrying on the Bakers LeMar Angus tradition of raising Angus bulls that will fit into most any operation, be it commercial or purebred. This sale was the first offering of some new genetics that sold to a nice crowd of new and repeat buyers.

The high selling bull on the day was lot 1, Lemar Bankroll 7026, a 2/17 son of AAR Bankroll 5016 that had a 71 lb. birthweight, 820 lb. weaning wt. and 1411 lb. yearling wt. The bull ratioed 122 at weaning and 113 for yearling with epds of CED 10, BW .1 WW 75 YW 135 Milk 29. Dartt Angus, Wall, SD was the buyer at $9,000.

Lot 5, Lemar Bankroll 7021, a 2/17 son of AAR Bankroll with epds of CED 11 BW -.9 WW 61 YW 113 Milk 28, weaning ratio of 108, yearling ratio of 106 sold to Grubbing Hoe Ranch, Buffalo, SD for $6,250.

Lot 6, Lemar Bankroll 7030, a 2/14 son of Bankroll, epds of CED 9 BW -.1 WW 67 YW 119, weaning ratio of 107, yearling ratio of 106 sold to Paul Johnson, Rapid City, SD for $6,250.

Lot 33, Lemar Intent 7074, a 2/17 son of SAV Intent 5590 with epds of CED 2 BW 2.7 WW 64 YW 110 Milk 25 sold to Wes Tlustos, Oelrichs, SD at $5,750.

Selling at $5,250 was lot 28, Lemar Intent 7037, a 2/17 son of SAV Intend that has weaning ratio of 111 and yearling ratio of 109, 205 day wt. of 810 lb., yearling wt. of 1364 lb. CG Ranch, Gordon, NE was the buyer.

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