Bannon appointment brings back memories of Shirley Sherrod |

Bannon appointment brings back memories of Shirley Sherrod

President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to give Steve Bannon of Breitbart News a White House job has led Heather Gray, the former communications director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, to post a lengthy account of the Breitbart organization’s role in the 2010 firing of Shirley Sherrod, who was the Obama administration’s director of rural development in Georgia.

The late Andrew Breibart used a shortened version of a videotaped speech Sherrod had given to charge that Sherrod was a racist.

USDA forced her to resign, but after a full examination of the video in which Sherrod told of coming to the defense of a white farm couple, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and President Barack Obama apologized to her.

–The Hagstrom Report

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