Barbed wire by Doug Cooper: Research fueled by politics silly and expensive |

Barbed wire by Doug Cooper: Research fueled by politics silly and expensive

The Heartland Institute had their Ninth International Climate Change Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a cheap gamblers flight from Casper, I decided to attend. The conference was well organized and featured excellent speakers. I am already firmly opposed to the human caused global warming theory but I expected to at least be challenged a bit in my thinking. While Heartland can put on a great program, they cannot get any of the catastrophic global warming crowd to show up and debate the issue. One would think that with a supposed 97 percent concensus of scientists supporting catostrophic warming somebody would be willing to show up and flog climate skeptics with some scientific facts but nobody showed.

The difficulty is that outside of numerous computer models there isn't much data that supports the castrophic view. There are plenty of opinions around but few facts about the subject. Interestingly, climate skeptics do not claim that carbon dioxide has not increased in the atmosphere, nor do they claim that no warming has occurred. The debate is whether climate change is a disaster, benign or a benefit. For something that is supposedly settled science there is much that isn't explained by the catrostophic theory. The rise in temperature between 1910 and 1940 occurred before large human carbon emissions yet the similar rise in temperature from 1970 to the present is supposed to be proof of man caused global warming.

It simply is a fact that the scientific method cannot be applied to climate change. We don't have a dozen identical planets to Earth to experiment with to discover the truth. We also cannot make observations that would require a thousand years to complete. These problems with the scientific method result in some silly efforts. When driven by politics, truly bizarre things have happened with climate change. In Australia, predictions were made that global warming would dry up sources of potable water. To combat the expected drought, the city of Melbourne built a desalinization plant. After a record flood, the plant has been moth-balled, costing every family in Melbourne $384 a year for the next thirty years. Plan B was to kill a large number of flatulent camels. The camel culling was canceled because of difficutlies in administering the proposed bounty program.

Carbon dioxide is the most important nutrient for all life. The carbon cycle is the basis of life on earth. The real insanity is that some would use the climate issue to surrender our freedom and bankrupt our country just to prevent what likely is a benefit to all plants. The camels have been pardoned for a bit and we can only hope that the rest of us will get a break.