Barstow Angus Ranch Bull Sale |

Barstow Angus Ranch Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Jake St .Amant

Date of Sale: Feb. 3, 2022

Location: Springview, Nebraka

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins and Greg Goggins


90 Yrlg. Bulls – $ 6,644

The morning started off windy and chilly but that did not stop the crowd that gathered for Barstow Angus Ranch Bull Sale. Neri Barstow and family put together a great set of bulls for the offering led off by the Lot 1 bull.

Lot 1 Barstow Fever J8 sold for $40,500 to Minert-Simonson Angus Ranch -Dunning, Nebraska, Smith Angus- Bassett, Nebraska, Cedar Top Ranch – Stapleton, Nebraska.

Lot 49 Barstow Rallay J129, sold for $12,500 to Mart McNutt- Sutherland, Nebraska.

Lot 34 Barstow Detail J139 sold for $12,000 to Todd Rothleutner- Kilgore, Nebraska.

Lot 59 Barstow Ashland J1 sold for $12,000 to Cover Ranches – Ashby, Nebraska.

Lot 2 Barstow Fever J74 sold for $11,000 to Graff Ranch – Ainsworth, Nebraska.

Lot 15 Barstow Power on J27 Sold for $11,000 to Todd Rothleutner – Kilgore, Nebraska.

Lot 17 Barstow Power on J93 Sold for $10,500 to Todd Rothleutner – Kilgore, Nebraska.

Lot 12 Barstow Power on J78 sold for $10,000 to Michael Whiteman – Stewart, Nebraska.

Neri Barstow speaks to the crowd and with the Feller family as the transition from one great breeder to the next chapter with Drew feller and family.
The crowd settles in for opening remarks to start the sale.


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