Basin Red Angus herd sold privately, dispersal cancelled |

Basin Red Angus herd sold privately, dispersal cancelled

Basin Angus Ranch of Hobson, MT has privately dispersed their Red Angus herd to Bieber Red Angus Ranch (BRAR) of Leola, SD and Rouse Red Angus of Huxley, IA. The purchase and relocation of the Basin Red Angus herd to Leola, SD effectively cancels the Basin Red Angus dispersion sale that was scheduled for Oct. 16th.

“The acquisition of the Basin Red Angus cowherd is a huge opportunity to expand our genetic base and offer customers more options to increase the efficiency and profitability of their operations,” said Craig J. Bieber, CEO, Bieber Red Angus. The Basin Red Angus herd has built a reputation of providing outcross genetics developed over the past 25 years. Doug and Sharon Stevenson’s attention to breeding cattle for profitable traits while emphasizing marbling and cow efficiency has earned the respect of Red Angus breeders across North America.

Basin Angus’ recent purchase of Stevenson Basin Bull Development, Sales and Marketing Center, located east of Hobson, MT, enables them to carry out its vision of producing premium quality Angus cattle that will efficiently and effectively meet the needs of commercial cow/calf operators and registered seedstock producers. This year the Basin Angus Fall Production Sale is Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st, 2008.

“While refocusing our commitment to the Angus herd that has been developed over the past 60 years, we made the difficult decision to disperse our Red Angus program,” said Doug Stevenson, CEO of Basin Angus Ranch. “We are extremely pleased that the Red Angus herd we developed will remain intact and join a ‘first class’ Red Angus program.”

Bieber Red Angus, along with cooperator Rouse Red Angus, have been committed to producing outstanding Red Angus seedstock, west of Leola, SD with private treaty female sales in the fall and an annual bull sale the first Thursday in March.

Both Basin Angus and Bieber Red Angus say they remain deeply rooted in the basic values and ideals that have served them and their customers well in this business to which they have dedicated their lives. The purchase agreement of the cowherd was accomplished on a handshake, signifying the character that these operations represent.

For more information, contact Craig Bieber at 605-216-8169 or Doug Stevenson at 406-423-5800.


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