Baxter Black: I know that hat |

Baxter Black: I know that hat

I don’t know you but I know that hat. I wore a hat just like it.

Back in the days when men were men. You bet the pot and played to win

And if you lost you tried again. You bet your life I know that hat.

A cowboy gave that hat to me. Back then it was nearly new.

“Wear it well,” he said to me, “You’re startin’ out, the world to see.

I hope you find your destiny,” And so I took that cowboy’s hat

I put that good ol’ hat to work…when work was all I knew

Wrench in hand and on my back, fencing pliers, the ol’ line shack,

Horseshoes, ropes and cattle tracks, That hat could hold its own

But then I put my tools away and hung up that ol’ hat

I climbed aboard the ‘business’ train, faced each mountain as it came

Made my mark and earned a name and only wore the hat to cool ambition

Cause I was on the inside rail building cornerstones.

I learned to find my way around, to keep my feet on solid ground,

Not judge a man when he was down. The hat just took it all in stride…and waited

It watched to see how I would play the cards that I’d been dealt

Would I stay strong through boom or bust? Would my soul grow or gather dust?

Was I a man someone could trust? And could I face the man in the mirror.

Nowdays I live my life content, but always thinkin’. I’m keepin’ busy just the same,

Trusting others with the reins, Share the praise and take the blame.

It’s just the way that life goes when Your hand’s on the wheel

Yup, I don’t know you but I know that hat. Mine’s hanging’ on the wall

It just reminds me what it takes to make life good. Ya get some breaks

Then give some back for ol’ mistakes. And if you learned life’s lessons well,

They all can tell. ‘Cause if you did, that hat, that good ol’ hat…

Still fits your big ol’ head.

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