Baxter Black: The Flu |

Baxter Black: The Flu

Baxter Black
On the Edge of Common Sense

He had a little fever but he said he’d be okay,

“Too much to do to lay around and stay inside all day.”

“Harry, you were up all night. You’ve been through a case of Halls!”

“I can’t stay in the house all day! Gosh, what if someone calls!”

“You wouldn’t have to answer. I’d tell’um you’re outside.”

“But what if Ester just dropped by. I’d have no place to hide.”

“Don’t fret yourself ‘bout Ester, ‘cause I’m meetin’ her in town.”

“I planned to fence the stackyard ‘fore I move the cows on down.”

“It’s drizzlin’ rain and freezin’, you best lay there in your chair.

If someone comes just claim that you’re workin’ on the fair.”

“But they’ll see me in my slippers! And what if I doze off?”

“All I know’s your sick and sufferin’. Just listen to that cough.”

“Well, you go on with Ester and I’ll try and close my eyes.”

When she hit the yard that evening, she saw his compromise,

He was sittin’ in the pickup, asleep there in the seat.

It was idlin’ in the driveway. The dog made it complete,

Like he’d just drove up, or maybe was fixin’ to pull out.

Either way he had it covered in case someone might doubt

His constant perseverance, but his sweetheart only said,

“You can come on in now, darlin’, it’s safe to go to bed.”