Bear Lodge Rare Earth Mine DEIS Suspended |

Bear Lodge Rare Earth Mine DEIS Suspended

The Bear Lodge Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Rare Element Resource’s proposed rare earth mine near Sundance, Wyoming has been suspended.

In a letter to Black Hills National Forest Supervisor Craig Bobzien, Rare Element Resources, Inc., notified the USFS yesterday of their decision to temporarily suspend all further activities on the Bear Lodge Project, which includes all permitting and licensing efforts, including the DEIS process.

Bobzien said, “As requested by Rare Element Resources, Inc., the Black Hills National Forest will immediately suspend all pending actions relating to the DEIS for the project.” A notice will be sent to the EPA for publication in the Federal Register withdrawing the DEIS and suspending the 45 day comment period. Two open houses that were scheduled to discuss the DEIS for Monday, January 25 in Sundance, WY and Tuesday, January 26 in Upton, WY have been canceled.

The Bear Lodge Project Plan of Operations, submitted by Rare Element Resources, Inc., proposed to develop a rare earth mine and continue mineral exploration activities nine miles north of Sundance on the Bearlodge Ranger District, Black Hills National Forest in Crook County, Wyoming.

The DEIS notice of availability was published in the Federal Register on January 15, 2016, opening up a 45-day comment period ending on February 29, 2016. Alternative H was identified as the preferred alternative.

The US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, State of Wyoming, Crook and Weston Counties, and the Crook County Natural Resource District are cooperating agencies on this project.

–Black Hills USFS