Beef Bucks ‘beefs up’ SDSU football |

Beef Bucks ‘beefs up’ SDSU football

Pictured ready to serve the beef sandwiches are Bob & Nancy Montross of De Smet (Beef Buck board members), SDSU Coach Stieglemeier, and Jim Woster of Sioux Falls (Beef Buck board member). Photo courtesy Beef Bucks

On Sunday, July 30, Beef Bucks traveled to Brookings, S.D. to “beef-up” Coach Stiegelmeier’s South Dakota State University football team. After working out in full gear, the SDSU players and coaches relaxed with beef sandwiches compliments of Beef Bucks, Inc.

Beef Bucks, Inc. is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of beef promotion and consumer education.

–Beef Bucks

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