Beef fuels competitors at fitness challenge |

Beef fuels competitors at fitness challenge

Kearney, NE (February 22, 2018) – Seven competitors showcased their physical abilities on Wednesday during the Nebraska Beef Council’s “Beef Strong” event at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic. Each competitor took their turn completing the course that represented actual jobs found on a farm or ranch.

The course included activities such as throwing hay bales over a fence, loading salt and mineral bags into a utility vehicle, building a small catch-pen and carrying a 70-pound sawhorse calf across the finish line. The competitors ranged in age from 21 to 70 years old with varying experience working on a farm or ranch.

“The Nebraska Beef Council hosted a great event that helped educate people on the physical demands that cattle producers endure each day, while also demonstrating beef’s benefits in an active lifestyle,” said John Widdowson, competitor from Shelton, NE. Widdowson finished second in the competition. “The amount of great feedback I received about the event on social media has been unbelievable.”

Winning first place with a time of 4:03 was Colton Rolls of Alliance, NE. “The course really demonstrated the combination of strength, agility, problem solving, and mental fortitude it takes to be a successful rancher,” said Rolls. “I will definitely be competing again next year and I’m excited to see the competition grow.” Third place was awarded to Armando Chavez of Gering, NE. The top three finishers each received steak and hamburger beef bundles courtesy of Nebraska Star Beef.

“We had a lot of fun with this event and it helped us showcase the use of beef for strength,” said Mitch Rippe, director of nutrition and education at the Nebraska Beef Council. “Beef is nutrient-dense and it’s perfect as a fuel and recovery food for anyone with an active lifestyle. Whether you have a physically demanding job, you like to go to the gym or you’re a parent trying to balance a hectic schedule, beef can be part of your healthy diet.”

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–Nebraska Beef Council

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