BEEF! Official Protein of Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions Event |

BEEF! Official Protein of Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions Event

Summer grilling season continued to drive beef demand as consumers enjoyed the powerful experiential qualities of beef. Its taste, tenderness, and juiciness continue to make the sale. However, this fall beef hits the driving range once again as the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC), through the beef checkoff, partner with Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions in the second year as the official protein.

“A priority of the Sanford International is to have a strong impact on Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas,” states Greg Conrad, Tournament Director/Pro Links Sports. “This unique partnership allows us to showcase and educate our guests about beef, a major economic driver in South Dakota. We are proud to work alongside the South Dakota Beef Industry Council in the promotion of beef as the official protein of the tournament.”

As part of the sponsorship, beef will be the premiere protein at the tournament with exclusive naming rights to the prime destination oasis located in the 1st, 2nd, 17th, and 18th viewing area. This destination will be a prime spot for attendees to sit back and relax as they learn beef’s story from pasture to plate and the role it plays in a healthful lifestyle. The “Ranch” site has grown this year to include a beef expo tent. It will have multiple viewing decks and a restaurant centered around the vital protein and delicious must haves of beef; including a Sanford International “Signature Burger.”

Beef continues to be a nutritious choice for consumers. SDBIC Director of Nutrition Holly Swee states, “The tournament offers the beef industry an opportunity to engage with attendees and discuss beef related questions where we can provide information and resources that are rooted in sound science from checkoff funded research.”

Sanford International expects the tournament to draw thousands of golf enthusiasts from all over the nation again this year and plans to be bigger than last year! SDBIC Executive Director Suzy Geppert states, “This is an exciting opportunity for the beef community to tell its story, engage with consumers, and expand on the national “Rethink the Ranch” and “Strength” campaigns. It offers opportunity to build on our consumer base and answer questions about modern beef production.”

What can tournament attendees expect to see this year? Geppert says, “You will see a common theme coming through in this promotional campaign, “The Ranch.” Our beef community has a long tradition of bringing a high-quality beef product to the plate and consumers want to know the story behind their food, including production methods used in the process. We plan to share that story with them through our virtual ranch tours. We want to instill in them that although times may change, our traditions endure. Ranching continues to be a family business involving integrity, passion, commitment, and a calling to feed the world.”

For more information on the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and the Sanford International PGA partnership contact Suzy Geppert at or call (605) 224-4722.

–South Dakota Beef Industry Council