Beef Quality Assurance Certification Set for Jan. 8 |

Beef Quality Assurance Certification Set for Jan. 8

The Beef Quality Assurance certification is a producer-driven program in which cattle producers assume responsibility for producing beef that is a healthy, wholesome, high-quality product and free from defects such as injection-site lesions and bruises.

Producers in BQA programs keep detailed records to assure that their management, husbandry and animal health practices meet regulatory and industry standards.

To become certified, producers must attend a training and certification session.

After attending a session, each producer or operation will be assigned a North Dakota BQA identification number. If calves are produced following NDBQA certification requirements and with the appropriate records kept, they may be marketed as NDBQA certified.

In some areas, producers receive a premium for their BQA certified cattle.

BQA certification trainings began in 1999 in North Dakota. Since that time, more than 1,950 producers have been certified. These producers market about 20 percent of the state’s feeder calves each year.

The cost for attending the training and receiving a three-year BQA certification is $15. Preregistration is required. To register, contact the Extension Service’s Kidder County office at (701) 475-2632, ext. 9227, or email

–ND Agriculture Communications

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