BeefWatch Podcast is audio companion to online newsletter |

BeefWatch Podcast is audio companion to online newsletter

The UNL BeefWatch newsletter (featured at now has an audio companion. The BeefWatch Podcast provides the same timely information as the newsletter, just in a downloadable audio form.

Information in both the newsletter and podcast is geared to helping beef cattle producers improve the sustainability and profitability of their operations. Recent article topics include forage management, herd health, breeding systems, calving, grazing systems, nutrition, economics and marketing, and record-keeping.

“As a busy rancher, you have limited time to spend reading,” explained Extension Educator Jay Jenkins of Cherry County, part of the Nebraska Extension Team behind BeefWatch. “You often have time available to listen while in the pickup or tractor cab. The BeefWatch Podcast brings you the information you need in a format you can use.”

To subscribe, go to the iTunes store and search for “unl beefwatch.” Once you’ve found the BeefWatch Podcast, click “subscribe,” and new episodes will automatically be added to your device.

iPhones, iPads and many Android podcast apps allow the user to search iTunes. Simply type BeefWatch into the search box of a podcast app.

The BeefWatch newsletter can be accessed at

–UNL Extension