Behind the Chutes: Mazee Pauley |

Behind the Chutes: Mazee Pauley

One of Mazee Maree Pauley's favorite memories revolves around qualifying for the National High School Rodeo the very first time. Photo courtesy Mazee Pauley

Age: 19

Family: Mom, Bunny Bail. Siblings: Tracy Maher, Jesse Bail, Mattee Pauley, and Emilee Pauley

Hometown: Wall, S.D.

School: Elm Springs Elementary, Wall High School, Vernon College

Rodeo events: Barrels, Poles, Goats, Breakaway, and Team Roping

What is your future in the sport of rodeo? I plan tocollege rodeo for Vernon College in Vernon, Texas, and continue competing in SDRA rodeos, and also go to more amateur rodeos. Hopefully someday go pro, if I am good enough.

What is your ultimate goal as you continue competing in rodeos? I have many smaller goals but I guess the ultimate goal would be to make it to the NFR.

Favorite aspect of rodeo: I love how everyone is so willing to help each other out and how we are one big family. I have friends from rodeo that I consider just as much family as my blood relations. That is my favorite part.

Best rodeo memory: I have been lucky enough to have many awesome rodeo memories but it is pretty hard to beat the feeling of making it to high school nationals for the first time, so that would be one of my best rodeo memories.

Notable achievements in the sport: I havemade it to nationals in three events in high school throughout my career. I won reserve champion in pole pending in high school three years in a row. I also won fifth in the world in barrel racing at the National Little Britches Rodeo. Also I won the 2012 state 4-H pole bending and the Reserve All-around Cowgirl in High School Rodeo.

Tell us about your horses: Becky, my pole bending horse, never stops trying. She has ringbone that flares up sometimes – usually at nationals. Last year she went into the arena limping and still ran her heart out for me. Becky is scared to death of ropes and if you try running her with spurs you better be ready to land in the ground because she will buck you off.

Della is my goat horse and is part pony. She scares everyone off that comes to the trailer by backing up to them because she loves her tail scratched. I can ride her around with nothing on and go get all the other horses in the corral on her – she is super kind and loves anyone that will feed her. Della eats almost anything, hard candy, watermelon, gum, almost anything.

Sleepy is my barrel horse and his name says it all! He is a huge, gray gelding that never gets too worked up about anything but loves his job running barrels.

Herbi is my old breakaway mare and I have used her since I was about 10. I started out running barrels and poles on her then used her in goats also and then breakaway and she got me to nationals. My older sister Tracy used her in high school and so did my cousin Autumn. Herbi has been through it all and has seen everything and never stopped trying and is still always hard to catch on rodeo mornings.

Have you attended any rodeo schools? If so, which ones? I have gone to some TY TUFF schools that Kayla Nelson puts on. She has helped me so much with everything, not only making me a better goat tyer but teaching me how to use my head and not only play tough but play smart and be the best that I can be.

Role models/mentors: I have a ton of role models and mentors that have helped me with so much throughout my life and rodeo career. My mom is probably the biggest and a few others are my siblings Jesse, Tracy, Mattee, and Emilee; Mel and Dorothy Anderson; Jim and Caroline Wilsey; Ken Lensgrav family; Marty and Steph Williams family – they have all taught me so much about rodeo, life, and made me a better person all the way around … and that is just a few names I look up to. There are many more!

What do you like to do when you’re not competing? I love the people I work with and so I like to work, practice, hangout with friends – just have fun doing just about anything. If you are with fun people, anything is enjoyable and fun.

What’s playing on your iPod/radio? I will listen to anything except commercials. So as soon as a commercial comes on I change it to a station that has a song playing, it don’t really matter what kind of music.

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