Benda Ranch Simmental and Simm-Angus Sale |

Benda Ranch Simmental and Simm-Angus Sale

The Benda Ranch Simmental and Simm-Angus sale, which had been rescheduled from a week earlier, was met with another cold and blustery day Feb. 15th at Kimball Livestock Exchange. The weather did not keep buyers from attending, however, and this year turned out to be one of their most successful sales ever. Auctioneer Justin Tupper sold 48 yearling bulls for an average of $3,065.

Top selling bulls were:

JBS Mr. Shear Force 708W, purebred, to Curt Plamp of Stickney, SD for $5,200.

JBS Mr. Bushwacker 527W, half-blood, to Wayne Olson of Kimball, SD for $5,000.

JBS Mr. 004 407W, half-blood, to Frank Zidko of Spencer, NE for $4,900.

JBS Mr. Star Power 711W, 3/4 blood, to Wayne Olson of Kimball for $4,500.

JBS Mr. Dream On 0718W, purebred, to Tom Gorzalka of Clearmont, WY for $4,500.

JBS Mr. Indy 236W, purebred, to Rick Bruley of Willow Lake, SD for $4,500.

Volume buyers were:

Mike Carr of Cassville, MO with four bulls; Dick McQueen of White Lake, SD with three bulls; and David Bogenhagen of White Lake with three bulls.

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