Benefit auction for Danci Dunkelberger in Huron |

Benefit auction for Danci Dunkelberger in Huron

Danci Dunkelberger, a 15-year-old from Huron, South Dakota, was in a horse wreck June 19 resulting in surgery to repair her mesentery tissue and remove six inches of her small intestine and her right colon. She has remained in high spirits throughout her healing and is back to roping but only the dummy. Photo courtesy of Dunkelberger family

Danci Dunkelberger, a 15-year-old roper from Huron, South Dakota, has spent the last month focusing solely on healing from an accident at a branding. She is over the moon, finally able to rope the dummy; a big improvement for an active teen versus time spent in a hospital bed.

On June 18, Danci was rushed to the emergency room where she had surgery to fix extensive damage to her mesentery tissue, as well as have six inches of her small intestine and her right colon removed. She was lucky, her parent’s, Cody and Dixie, Facebook page states, because she doesn’t have a broken back and all her organs are ok.

Danci spent just over a week in the ICU before being moved to a regular hospital room. Ten long days after the accident, Danci was able to eat dinner for the first time—an appetizing meal of chicken broth, Jell-O, a popsicle, and Sprite.

On July 1, she was able to go home, where she isn’t allowed to lift much weight at all and has since had the tube removed from her stomach.

“She feels much more normal and it will just take time for her to heal,” Dixie said. “She is getting stronger every day.”

Danci has maintained high spirits throughout her healing and already has plans to strengthen back up this winter in order to get back out in the rodeo arena next spring, competing in breakaway roping, goat tying, and team roping.

“Her determination and support from her friends and family have been amazing and have helped get her back on her feet quickly,” her mom said. “She hasn’t dwelled on why or what should have been and has just accepted it and moved on.”

Close friends and family have organized a benefit for today, July 21, at 7 p.m. at the Heartland 4-H Rodeo Grounds in Huron. A Facebook page, Benefit Auction for Danci Dunkelberger, is linked to the event as well.

Prior to the auction, starting at 10 a.m., Danci’s fellow 4-Hers will compete in the Heartland 4-H Rodeo, which is “one of Danci’s favorite things,” her aunt Crystal Anderson said. “People can enjoy a day of rodeo that is free to attend, go out to eat at one of the restaurants in Huron or enjoy the amazing concession stands at the 4-H grounds and come back for the auction at 7 p.m.”

Anderson has been a major contender in garnering auction items to benefit her niece and the Dunkelberger family; the Facebook page boasts items such as a 2019 breeding to Fifth Effort, a Professional Bull Riders package to either Sioux Falls or Rapid City, Denver Bronco vs. Cleveland Browns tickets, handmade items, kid’s items, and much more.

“We have had an overwhelming response. The auction is going to be one you don’t want to miss,” Anderson said. “We also want to say thank you to all the amazing businesses, friends, and family that have helped as we truly are blessed with all of the contributions and help throughout this process.”

To donate funds, please mail to the Dunkelbergers, 39332 Broadview St., Huron, SD 57350 or via the Go Fund Me account.

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