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BHSS Chi-influenced Sale

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Total: 2

Average: $4,500

Lot 6, $5,000, HALO Mr. Memphis 270H, buyer: Justin Holt Cattle, Aberdeen, SD, consignor: Halley Becking

Lot 7, $4,000 HOLT MR Insight 178H, buyer, Mark Schaunaman, Ashley, ND, consignor: Holt Cattle Co.]


Total: 3

Average: $4,750

Lot 1X, $5,250, JHC/JAC Ms Haddy 525H, buyer: K &K, Wessington Springs, SD, consignor: Justin Holt Cattle.

Bred Heifers

Total: 1

Average: $7,000

Lot 4, $7,000, JHC/KCC MS Gigi 30G ET, buyer: Lancy Becking, Florence, SD, consignor: Justin Holt Cattle.



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