BHSS jackpot barrel racing results |

BHSS jackpot barrel racing results

Black Hills Stock Show jackpot barrel race was held Sunday Feb. 9, 2014. There were 137 entries from six states that braved the cold weather.


1st Mickey Kathrein, Hershey, 15.937

2nd Makayla Kroeplin, Doc, 16.101

3rd Brooke Howell, Smokey, 16.195

4th Jessica Routier, Sunders Fame, 16.218

5th Katie Langdeau, 16.225

6th Ashlyn Goven, 16.255


1st Jessica Routier, Special French Bear, 16.454

2nd Sam Flannery, Lex Flit N Fabulous, 16.458

3rd Sam Flannery, Shez Gota Pokerface, 16.478

4th Sam Jorgenson, Chester, 16.552

5th Katie Langdeau, 16.557

6th Christine Knight, Flicka, 16.561


1st Hanna Hostutler, Slicker, 16.94

2nd Madison Smith, Cash, 16.952

3rd Michele Witt, TE, 16.999

4th Hanna Hostutler, Jet, 17.003

5th Abby Sybrant, Fox, 17.023

6th Sam Flannery, Affirmed Dancer, 17.039


1st Halli Kroeplin, Comet, 17.441

2nd Amanda Dollar, 17.464

3rd Blue Borton, Missing Loretta, 17.542

4th Jessica Routier, Richard, 17.622

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