BHSS Maine Anjou Sale and Show |

BHSS Maine Anjou Sale and Show


Total: 12

Average: $4,008

Lot 27, $9,000, EVFM MR. MAFIA 52H, buyer: Miles DeJong, Kennebec, SD, consignor, EASTVIEW MAINES.

Lot 25, $4,750, DLDJ JAML H117, buyer: Pleasant Valley Cattle Co. Inc, Sturgis, SD, seller: DOYLE & LORIE DEJONG.

Lot 23, $4,500, RADK HACKETT 65H, buyer: George White, Alva, WY, seller: RADKE CATTLE COMPANY

Lot 12, $4,500, SCHELSKE HC FUNCLE, buyer: Richard Gantz, Alva, WY, seller: SCHELSKE SHOW CATTLE.



Total: 10

Average: $2,725

Lot 9, $5,100, SNK MISS HOLLY 002H, buyer: Jim Pannell, Hulett, WY, seller: SINKIE RANCH / MATTHEW

Lot 4, $4,000.00 DJ HOLLY H74, buyer: Kotalik, Garrett, Utica, SD, seller: MILES DEJONG.

Champion Maine Anjou Bull, Lot 16, $4,200, Consigned by: Dolieslager Show Cattle, Doon, IAPurchased by: Palmer Show Cattle, Norfolk, NE.
Champion Maine Anjou Female Lot 4, $4,000, Consigned by: DeJong Ranch, Kennebec, SD Purchased by: Garrett Kotalik, Utica, SD.
Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Bull, Lot 12, $4,500, Consigned by: Schelske Show Cattle, Virgil, SD, Purchased by: Richard Gantz, Alva, WY.
BHSS Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Female Lot 1, $2,100, Consigned by: Holt Cattle Co, Mina, SDPurchased by: Rose L7 Ranch, Chamberlain, SD


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