BHSS Maine Anjou Sale |

BHSS Maine Anjou Sale


Lots: 5

Average: $7,300

Total: $36,500

Lot 3, $9,000 DLDJ Brandley B69, bought by Wayne Bordewy, Rapid City, S.D., sold by Doyle and Lorie DeJong

Lot 11X, $8,500 DLDJ Burgank 68B bought by Steve Brown, Sturgis, S.D., Doyle and Lorie DeJong.

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Lot 6, $6,750, SRSC Ranger 4629B bought by Bruce Wohlers, sold by Sellman Ranch

Lot 10, $6,250, EVFM Mr. Sug 84B1, bought by Kyle Brown, Sturgis, S.D., sold by Eastview Maines/DJ Folk

Lot 8X, $6,000, EVFM Mr SUH 023B bought by DVA, Columbia, S.D., sold by Eastview Maines/DJ Folk


Lots: 2

Average: $3,550

Total: $7,100

Lot 1, $3,600, GDCC Fast Lady, bought by Mark Schaunaman, Ashley, N.D., sold by Depies Cattle Co./Garrett Depies

Lot 2, $3,500, Rozebooms MS Impact 190B, bought by Steve Brown, sold by Kenton Rozeboom