BHSS Pioneer Awards Breakfast: Slim McNaught |

BHSS Pioneer Awards Breakfast: Slim McNaught

Slim McNaught tooled the Bible covers for the Kadoka Rodeo Bible Camp for 31 years. Photo courtesy McNaught

Slim McNaught was born in 1934, the son of A.J. and Troy McNaught. He grew up on a ranch near Long Valley, S.D. and graduated from Bennett County High School in 1952. In 1954 he married Darlene Brodkorb and they continued living on the ranch. They have four children.

In 1975, after selling the ranch, Slim and Darlene opened Slim’s Custom Leather and boot repair in Kadoka. Slim specialized in saddle repair and restoration and also did boot repair and hand crafted leather. Darlene assisted and ran the retail portion of the business.

In 1990 they moved to New Underwood, where Slim was Chief of Police for New Underwood and also cross deputized as a Pennington County Deputy for seven years. They continued with the leather craft and operated a store in New Underwood for several years.

Slim has always had a lot of interest in youth. He is a certified Gun Safety instructor. He took an active part in Little Britches rodeos, youth rodeos, play-days, etc. He tooled the Bible covers for the Kadoka Rodeo Bible Camp for 31 Years and the leather plaques for the Western Junior Livestock for several years.

Slim is a recognized Cowboy Poet and has performed in man venues throughout the western half of the United States.

After retiring from law enforcement and closing the store on the street he continued with his leather craft and poetry. Also has been able to enjoy a lot of family activities and some traveling, but will admit that he wold rather stay right here in South Dakota.

–BHSS Pioneer Awards Breakfast

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