BHSS Red Angus show |

BHSS Red Angus show

Champion Bull: 35X WEbr Double Down 315

Consigned by: Weber Land & Cattle, Lake Benton, Minn.

Purchased by: Slack Ranch, Harrisburg, S.D.


Reserve Champion Bull: Lot 28 TC T Bone 30A

Consigned By: TC Reds, Ringle, Wi.

Purchased by: Yackley Ranches, Onida, S.D.


Champion Female: Lot 8 BMRA Miss Conquest 390

Consigned by: Mitchell Red Angus, Kadoka, S.D.

Purchased By: Paislee Carlson, Harrisburg, S.D.


Reserve Champion Female: Lot 14 RRSS Prairie Queen 3173

Consigned by: Rafter RS Cattle, Buffalo, S.D.

Purchased By: Zane Verhulst, Spearfish, S.D.

Price: $3,000


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