BHSS Shorthorn Sale Results |

BHSS Shorthorn Sale Results

Champion Shorthorn Female, Bill Mack.


13 bulls – $2,192

1 bred heifer – $3,500

2 yearling heifers, $2,600

Top Selling bulls

Lot 16F, $3,700, WR 4A Jax Jack 855, DOB 2-17-18, Buyer Drew Persson, Gillette, WY

Lot 5, $3,000, GR Money Maker F1, DOB 2-14-18, Buyer Roland Palmquist, Winfred, SD.

Lot 7B, $2,800, WR 38Y Kelson 851, DOB 3-25-18, Buyer Drew Persson.

Lot 9, $2,600, WR 38Y Good Times 854, DOB 3-20-18, Buyer John Harstick, West Point, NE.

Lot 6, $2,400, JDF Tombstone F54A, DOB 4-14-18, Scott Hansen, Noonan, ND.

Lot 14F, $2,400, WR Cr Red Sammie 580, DOB 3-3-18, Buyer Ruzzy Rousch, Gillette, WY.

Top selling heifers

Bred heifers

Lot 4F, $3,500, FS Hashtags Flower, DOB 4-2-17, Buyer Tiffany Kaiser, Hermosa, SD.

Yearling heifer

Lot 3B, $3,200, Macklux Sabrina 888, DOB 3-23-18, Buyer Tom Gorzalka, Clearmont, WY.

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