BHSS Simmental Sale results |

BHSS Simmental Sale results

Champion Simmental female, Warren.


45 bulls – $4,026.67

14 yearling heifers – $3,553.57

1 Bred Heifer – $4,750

Top selling bulls

Lot 69x, $15,000, THMAS Mr. Hammer 8531F, DOB 3-22-18, Buyer Tim Schaeffer, Hagerstown, IN.

Lot 45, $7,000, Holt Mr. Hammer KAT 78F, Buyer Dana Kroupa, Pukwana, SD.

Lot 50, $7,000, TKCC Fireproof 52F, Buyer Rusty Puckett, Kyle, SD.

Lot 29, $6,000, HOLT MR. Persuasion 129F, Buyer Bottum Brothers, Tulare, SD.

Lot 38, $6,000, TOST Mr. Hammer 807F ET, Buyer Harwood Cattle, Geyser, MT.

Lot 34, $5,500, 307 Mr. Front Sight 002F, Buyer Alan Meitke, Hermosa, SD.

Lot 46, $5,250, WINC Surelock 828F 401, Buyer Randy Oliver, Newell, SD.

Top Selling heifers

Bred Heifer

Lot 20x, $4,750, MISS E222, DOB 4-3-17, Buyer Dusty Rose, Chamberlain, SD.

Yearling heifers

Lot 6, $10,750, KCC Wreldoren E803, Buyer Barry Wade, Winner, SD.

Lot 14, $6,250, HABR Nettie F885, Russ Well, Jamestown, ND.

Lot 12, $4,700, HOLT Ms Tessa 076F, Buyer Jessica Teknny, Clear Lake, SD


Editor’s note: DOB information was not available on most of these animals.

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