Biden pledges food assistance in UN speech |

Biden pledges food assistance in UN speech

In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York today, President Biden made a $10 billion pledge to end hunger worldwide and invest in food systems at home and abroad.

Biden said the United States will “continue to be the world’s largest contributor to humanitarian assistance, bringing food, water, shelter, emergency healthcare, and other vital, lifesaving aid to millions of people in need.

“When the earthquake strikes, a typhoon rages, or a disaster anywhere in the world, the United States shows up. We’ll be ready to help.”

Biden added that at a time when nearly one in three people globally do not have access to adequate food, “the United States is committing to rallying our partners to address immediate malnutrition and to ensure that we can sustainably feed the world for decades to come.

“To that end, the United States is making a $10 billion commitment to end hunger and invest in food systems at home and abroad.”

Biden did not provide details about the $10 billion pledge, which came in advance of the UN Food Systems Summit scheduled for Thursday.

Earlier in the speech, Biden said the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan signals the end of a period of “relentless war” and a new period of “relentless diplomacy.”

Biden said, “We’ve ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan. And as we close this period of relentless war, we’re opening a new era of relentless diplomacy; of using the power of our development aid to invest in new ways of lifting people up around the world; of renewing and defending democracy; of proving that no matter how challenging or how complex the problems we’re going to face, government by and for the people is still the best way to deliver for all of our people.

“And as the United States turns our focus to the priorities and the regions of the world, like the Indo-Pacific, that are most consequential today and tomorrow, we’ll do so with our allies and partners, through cooperation at multilateral institutions like the United Nations, to amplify our collective strength and speed, our progress toward dealing with these global challenges.”

–The Hagstrom Report

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